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A game played in truck stops and rest areas throughout the Midwest usually by truck drivers, loggers, or other males who struggle with open homosexuality or who enjoy random sexual encounters.

Player 1 (the trap) places a piece of cheese on the tip of his erect penis. Player 1 then locks his hands and stretches his arms outright at chin height.

The trap is now set.
Player 2 (the mouse) moves quietly and using only his mouth tries to steal the cheese, from the trap without getting caught.

If successful the mouse enjoys a tasty

morsel. However, if Player 1 detects the mouse he swings his locked arms downward, like the bar of a mousetrap, pinning the mouse down, with the erect penis in his mouth until he is satisfied.

Players alternate turns until one player tires or is full.
This game is best played in a shower, hot tub, confessional, or other small and intimate space.
This is also known as the Rolla Rat Trap, Peoria Pounder, or Rodent Wrangler.

There is a matter of some debate as to where the game origated with some claiming it began at a truck stop outside Rolla, MO as a drunken encounter and others claiming it began in a cattle trailer at a stockyard in Peoria, KS as a means of settling a bet. Both origins claim the same founder as a Missouri man who, for many years was a closeted homosexual masquerading as a homophob so as to not attracted unwanted attention. He finally succumbed to his true nature and is credited with inventing this raucous rodent themed sex game.
"Dude... Did you hear Matt got caught playing Midwest Mouse Trap again?"

"Hey let's have a 5 on 5 match if Midwest Mouse Trap... Winner takes ALL"
by Redrokkit June 14, 2018
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