When a girl is licking your balls you lift your boner and release making a "slap" sound.
I once gave a girl the mouse trap she wasn't to happy
by theman893 March 12, 2009
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When a guy is getting head, he says somthing like "Oh S*** what's that?" and points, when the giver turns to look, they tuck the penis between there legs. When the giver returns to finish the job, you spread your legs, having the penis hit the giver in the bottom of the jaw.
I gave a girl one..She liked it? :s
by Prospect April 20, 2005
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A mouse trap is the pro-female version of the donkey punch. While the female is on her back the male is standing and penetrating. When the female nears orgasm she punches the male in the eye causing him to pull his upper body back and yell "WTF bitch!", but also causing him to thrust his pelvis forward for maximum penetration. A donkey punch and mouse trap may be possible simultaneously, but is purely theoretical at this point.
"How'd I get this sweet black eye?", you say. Well Kelly caught me in the mouse trap last night.
by cidue May 17, 2008
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the location where one keeps his cheese. A money clip or wallet.
"How much cheese you got in the mouse trap tonight?"
by Hans May 18, 2003
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when a guy's cock get hard and he puts it between his stomach and his pants to hide the embarassment of public erection
Right before the teacher called me in front of the class, I used the mouse trap because I saw a hot girl.
by binh January 06, 2005
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When your partner declines to give you anal sex and you want it so badly that you drop your hips while taking it doggie style, thereby "mouse trapping" your partner into your rectal vault.
1. "Bob wouldn't buggery me last night, so I straight up mouse trapped him."

2. "I'm planning a special evening for Bill tonight. I'm setting mouse traps right and left. He's getting mouse trapped tonight!"

3. "I'm sick of having to mouse trap all of my men."
by nastylove January 15, 2013
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(This works best while the male has some sort of explosive diarrhea) A man lies on his back with his legs wide open while a woman slowly progresses (face first, mouth open) towards his testicles. Once the woman is approximately 3 inches from the "ball-sac" the man then releases massive amounts (or whatever's in his system) of diarrhea on her face, with the intentions of shitting in her mouth. Whether the crap landed in her mouth or not doesn't matter. A successful "Mouse Trap" has been executed.
Christy was trying to suck my balls before landed in a "Mouse Trap"
by Damien July 17, 2003
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