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The time in a highschool guy's life where his dick starts getting c0nfuzzled. All of the girls with all the money who used to be hot and in volleyball/swimming and other physical activity, get cars and slowly become more sedentary. Eventually the only exercise they get is getting shit-faced and sucking some dumb jocks dick. While these girls go from plump to hog-beast statuZz. The girls who were nerdy and considered outside the lines of attractive start making ur dick hard. And all the guys who used to be short or fat lose the weight and become better looking and end up fucking the newly-sexified nerd/unpopular girls.
Look in your middle school yearbooks. Make it a fun activity with ur dude friends and talk about gurls that used2 be hot and who are now fat and repulsive. And just to mix it up look @ the girls who used to be ugly/nerdy/socially reclusive/pudgy and who are now boneriffic. Usually the turning point for the 2 groups of females occurs sophomore year which is why I call it Midsophomoreyeardickconfusion.
by UhhPsycho October 16, 2010
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