Small amounts of mids (mid level weed)
Damn I only have midlies left
by Poopinpanda June 26, 2019
Realizing halfway through a fib that you're going to be called out on it. Usually triggers a spree of reckless embellishments to cover over the logical gaps.
I was telling my boss I was late because of traffic, but then I remembered he lives near me and I had a midlie crisis. I told him I took a different route to pickup my kids, and then explained I had just adopted children this weekend...
by Jungok January 25, 2010
Oh, dear. Look what you've done. Looks like you spelled something wrong.

Annoying, isn't it?
by Caledonian_Spirit November 3, 2017
Your amazing,

Or in other terms

Your annoying, stitched up.
‘Your midly’ ‘Your amazing, I love you


‘Your annoying, stitched up
by The G Aussie June 24, 2019