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The only "organiser" for Live Aid that actually did anything. The one who had the idea of having the concert, made the band list, forced bands to sign by making Bob do a livr TV shoot where he tells everyone what generous people they've been in agreeing to do it all for charity, etc.

Actually a preety funny guy, appearing in Filthy, Rich and Catflap and Nevermind the Buzzcocks where he ripped the shit out of Preston from the Ordinary Boys' walking-off-the-show.

Popularised by his catchphrase: "Where's MY fucking knighthood?" Midge is loved by all.
Bono: I am a wanker, I will not help you organise this thing, but I WILL steal the credit for doing it.

Bob Geldof: It's a Monday. I hate Mondays. I cannot help you today.

Midge Yure: You guys suck. I hope like hell you guys don't end up will all the credit for this.

*Midge goes off and does the work*
*Bob and the tosser in pink shades get all the credit*
by Nicolas O'Brien March 02, 2007
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