Middle Child Syndrome is when a child is born in between other child and feels negleted. The middle child is faced threw challenges such as feeling like nothing, not worth, no one caring, ect. An Older child gets lots of attention, and gets everything first. They are the "most dependable" ones through the eyes of family members/parents. The younger child also known as "the baby" of the family gets most attention. This child gets the most attention and can get away with anything. They usually have less discipline. The middle child is usually left without anything. People tend to not notice they're there.the end up feeling left out and forgotten.parents don't usually focus on there needs only their dire emergencies. Middle children seek love and happiness through friends and become social butterflies. But through Neglection by parents the child drifts away and becomes a loner with family.
(Over this and past year)
Youngest: yeah it's my birthday! (Party, Dave and Busters, 100$)
Oldest: yeah! My birthday... Mom can I please get my hair done. (Hair cut, low lights)
Middle: it's my birthday... Hello?

Mom: sorry honey but I just paid school fees can't really afford any birthday presents right now, if it helps I didn't get your (older) sister anything.
Middle: it's fine (mind: it's fine if you can't afford anything, but seriously a card is like a dollar, just a dollar. Glad I'm not worth a dollar)
(When middle child confronts people about how they feels other are like sure that HAPPEND... Middle child syndrome
by Aria...mont March 15, 2015
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A disposition that generally arises with the middle child of three children in a household. Middle children often lack the attention that the oldest (the most important child) and the youngest (the parent's favorite child) receive.

Middle child syndrome is often characterized by: lack of friends (a loner), inability to maintain relationships, extreme creativity (writing, music, art, etc.), an easy going personality, trouble choosing a career path, trouble maintaining a career, quick loss of interest in things, negative outlook on life, half-assing, and indecisiveness. Famous middle children include David Letterman, Madonna, and Richard Nixon. Need I say more?
I am a middle child. I suffer from middle child syndrome. Therefore I am creative in writing this, but also extremely middle child-esque for writing this melancholy piece.
by Senobakaj May 4, 2009
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an emotional scarring condition.
Middle children are known for ending up with the things that are too big for the baby in the family and too small for the oldest.
it is a known fact the youngest and oldest are treated differently than the middle child for the oldest is the first child aka favorite
and the smallest is the baby aka the last child known for getting whatever they desire because they are the "baby"

Middle Children sydrome includes
neglect, forgotten dates, and sometimes in bad cases forgetting they even exist.

i lived through this condition,
it is not fatal
just difficult.
a first born: OH i just got this GREAT new car!
a middle child: oh...i have to wait until my sister wrecks hers...then i can have that and they will get her a new one
a first born: oh Middle Child Syndrome, i see.
by yeayeayea. March 11, 2006
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Middle child syndrome is something that I go through... it’s hard. The oldest child is the one who is most dependable in the parents eyes. The youngest is the sibling who is an attention seeker, and with that they get attention. As the middle child, you are always forgotten, not noticed, have a little to no self worth. We usually become very social people and have a large group of friends. But, people will make assumptions about you thinking you have the best life ever, so whenever you talk to one of them about it they deny everything you tell them or call you an attention seeker. The quality’s of a middle child consist of huge creativity, social, antreverts, but are very much introverts towards their family. I’m a middle child, so I know all of this is true.
Mom: Kelsey (oldest) come here!
Kelsey: What did you need?

Mom: I got you a new phone!
Kelsey: Omg mom, thank you!
Mom: I got you a new phone to, Addie! (youngest)
Addie: Thanks, Mom!
Mom: Sorry Layla (middle), I couldn’t get you one.
Layla: It’s fine....

This is a purifyed example of "Middle Child Syndrome"
by I lIkE cHeEzY pOtAtOeS May 5, 2019
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A child in a family is neither first or last is called the middle child. In a 3 child family, it is the 2nd child, etc.

This child usually gets the least amount of attention, because he/she is not the parent's first, and not deemed as 'special' enough, and is not the parent's last, and so is not treated like the baby.

This creates social tension between the family. The middle child would be the outcast while the rest of the family can have a laugh with each other.

However, in a family where there are seperate parents, creating half-siblings, where the child is in the middle of one side of the family, and is the first or only child in the other side, the middle child may become brattish, and demand everything he/she wants because he/she can get away with it with the other parent.

In the case of bratty middle children, the oldest usually looses out and then becomes the outcast, being independant and deals with how they recieve less attention than the middle child.
A usual night at the dinner table.
Older child doing A level maths: I got a B on a test today
Middle child still doing GCSEs: And? I got a B too.
Mum: *Surprised at middle child* well done (his/her name)! You're actually learning something then.
Older child: thinks; (>.> been there, done that. Pfft, middle child syndrome, lol)
by DottieRocks February 6, 2012
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A terrible syndrome in which one is born after someone, but someone was born after them as well, making them the in between of their siblings. The only known cure is MURDER, and it NEVER fails. Most common symptoms are crying, being easily annoyed, and being tall BUT not as tall as the oldest child. If you have this or know someone who does, call your doctor or therapist IMMEDIATELY.
Person: did you hear about that classmate who went crazy and killed their siblings?
Person 2: Yeah. They had Middle Child Syndrome, it sucks ASS
by I_am_froggychair June 26, 2021
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When a middle child - typically of a family of three kids who are close in age - feels left out or neglected.

Because the bigger sibling is the first born and typically an over-achiever, they are the most important and get the most privileges. A younger sibling is the 'baby' of a family and gets away with more as well as being the most looked-after. Middle-child syndrome starts when the middle child is squeezed between these two and have trouble finding their 'niche' in the family.

Middle children will sometimes...
-misbehave to get attention
-go with the flow
-work as little as possible
-be less parent-dependent then their siblings
-become the 'loner' of the family, not participate in family events unless told to.
-play the peacemaker
-be more likely to go to a friend for advice than a parent
-be very creative

In short its where the older child gets all the awards, the younger gets all the love, and the middle gets nothing.
(A real-life example of what happened to my younger sis, who suffers from middle child syndrome)

Oldest: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Lets go pick you out a car!
Oldest: Yay!

-1 1/2 yrs later-

Middle: Hey I just turned 16!
Mom: Oh.. er.. well we're still paying for your sib's car, so you'll have to just borrow from her when you can..
Middle: >.>

-2 yrs later-

Youngest: Hey! I just turned 16!
Mom: Yay! And I just finished paying for the other car! Lets go get you a car!
Middle: Hey! I should be the next one to get a new car!
Youngest: but its MY birthday
middle: Thats stupid
mom: Be nice to your little sister on her birthday!! Come on, birthday-girl! Lets go get that car!
Youngest: WOO!
by Oldest July 19, 2009
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