The forgotten child that no one ever thinks about; The child in the middle of three; The invisible one that no one notices; The one that is never invited to anything because they are overlooked; The one that is actually the best one in the family, regardless of what they think; Thought to be peacemaker, but is just ignored by siblings
Child 1: But it's mine!

Middle Child: Guys stop fighting and just get along.

Child 3: No I found it so it's mine!
by orca_obsession December 23, 2018
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The 2nd in a family of 3 children.

As the oldest child is special to the parents for being the 1st, and the 3rd child is special for being the baby of the family, the middle child is never the favorite child.

-quiet around family but fun with friends
-hates conflict
-feels a need to defend people outside of the family when family criticizes someone
- alone
-have a sarcastic personality
-lots of common sense
-somewhat secretive
-not as close to their parents as the other children are
-left out of activities
-does not like to join in on something unless specifically invited
-don't feel like they can talk to others openly when their family is with them
-sometimes wear sunglasses so that they can cry without anyone noticing
-dress, write, talk and act more boring than they would like for fear of criticism from family
-deal with a lot of bitterness
-very creative
-sometimes named after a dead relative no one really knew
-hate being compared to relatives
-finish eating before everyone else at dinner and disappear
-oidentify with and sympathize with the villains/bad guys in fiction. (Loki, Darth Vadar, etc...)

The middle child often feels isolated and detached from their family. They are eager to leave the town they've grown up in. Middle children often long for true love and a family of their own so that they can try to "make up" for the way they were treated by treating all of their kids equal.
Middle child: So Mom said she isn't going to take me to that campout after all... *sigh*
Oldest child: Oh, sorry.

Middle Child: It's alright, what do I expect? I am the Middle Child, after all.
by themiddlechild May 22, 2013
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A middle child is a sibling you doesn't get love, attention, or much of anything else. Their parents will congratulate the oldest and youngest siblings for small things-such as an A in a class or a 100 on a test but never seem to give praise to the middle child. The middle child is often left cleaning up after their sibling and it's usually expected of them. They will sometimes portray anger or violence to try and make their parents relize but always end up in trouble again.
mom-who left this mess?!
oldest sibling-me, sorry I forgot to clean it up.
mom-it's okay I'll have the middle child do it.
by fsdmnvkgng April 6, 2019
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The child that is forget about and likes lots of privacy. The parents will let the older and youngest child do anything but not the middle child. The middle child will listen to the sad songs and has to clean up the other siblings mess. Gets left out of everything. The other two siblings usually team up on the middle child. The parents will tell the middle child they will get them something and then never get them it. The parents will spoil the other kids but never the middle child. The parents will compare the middle child with the oldest child.
Mom: who spilled this coke?

middle child: not me

Mom: i don’t care clean it up
by grace ha ha February 23, 2020
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Is the least favorite child. Only acknowledged for their miss deeds. Holds all potential but is still overshadowed by the youngest and oldest child.
Middle child: Could you pass the-
Youngest child: Today I saw a cool car.
by Ghdjdhuehdijdbf November 21, 2020
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The child parents don’t give a crap about until they do something wrong
Person 1: I’m the middle child
Person 2: I’m so sorry
Parent to person 1: who are you?
by THICCCCCCCCPOTATO! January 31, 2020
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