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Basically a mid-life crisis in your teenage years. Thinking about what you're going to do with your life, and where you're going to go from where you are.
When Sally had her mid-youth crisis, she started freaking out about which college she wanted to go to, and which career path to persue.
by WhatsAWeed July 06, 2016
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A Millennial phenomenon in which a young adult, usually 25, who has yet to establish a career is in an odd position where they realize they turn 40 in 15 years. Individuals experiencing such a crisis are often out of college with a B.A. in the Arts and Sciences, work retail, and ruminate over the missed opportunities of youth and the crippling fear of growing old. They are compelled to find a meaning in their life, but become overwhelmed by knowing that no matter what they do, they are robbing themselves of valuable time to do something else. Because of this, they often choose to do nothing but entertain themselves by binge watching Netflix shows on their parents' account. They have little concern for the importance of money as they live in their childhood bedrooms rent-free.
Abdul, who chose a career in STEM with the knowledge that he would be kicked out of his parents' house, is not experiencing the mid-youth crisis of Jody, who's main concern is not learning the guitar he bought when he was sixteen nine years later.
by chibisatan May 04, 2018
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