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Adjective: 1. of or relating to Michelle Saldana and her actions. 2.
Extremely sarcastic humor that may make other people laugh or feel insulted: “The girl made fun of a friend’s new haircut and said she looked ugly but some people thought her michellesque humor was rude.” 3. Complicated, indecisive, extremely frustrating to others who are trying to figure out how another feels. “He was trying to figure out what he had done wrong but her Michellesque personality didn’t let him get the full explanation.” 4. Makes the best out of bad situations, smiles even if there is nothing to smile about. “The teenage girls went to a Dora the Explorer concert, but felt out of place with the toddlers running around. The girls just laughed like a true michellesque person would.” 5. interacts with people from different areas to avoid the drama of a small community high school. “All the michellesque girl does is hang out with people from Westchester, to avoid the drama that happens at her school in El Segundo.” 6. Likes to be right, no matter how wrong she may be. “She was making no sense at all and I tried to make her understand, but her michellesque ways didn’t want to budge.”

Synonyms: stubborn, happy, sarcastic, sunshine, short, hypnotic, senseless, indecisive, complicated, jittery, vibrant, funny, intense

Antonyms: dull, sensible, tall, decisive, boring, hermit

Etymology: Resembling the life situation that Michelle Saldana (1991-
To present) goes through. Originated from Peru, and internationalized in Los Angeles, California.

References: Michellesque is heavily inspired by the song “Feeling Myself “by Mac Dre. Most specifically by the song lyric” I'm out of this world, not your run of the mill'n”. There are not many people that embody the Michellesque persona. It takes time and experience to really understand what this word may actually mean.
that girl is so rude its funny. shes michellesque
by miichelle March 03, 2009
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