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An authoritarian douchebag who thinks he can control how people live, like most liberals and conservatives. The Mayor of New York. He opposes private gun sales to ordinary people and says police protection works; of course he is a billion are who can afford to higher private security guards while the average citizen cannot and the average citizen must rely on the police who take an average of 4 minutes to get to your home while you are being attacked and your wife is being raped and your kids are being molested. He has total disregard for the rights of the citizens to arm and protect themselves from violent and ruthless criminals. He also makes up data to support his arguments such as his "NRA pole" despite the fact he does not have access to the NRA's confidential information to begin with. A person who needs a bullet in the head.
Rape victim: " I was raped and beaten half to death and yet Micheal Bloomberg still won't allow me to arm myself"
by Arcy777 April 27, 2010
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