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The most successful driver in Formula 1, bearing literally almost every single record including most wins, most wins in a single season and most championship titles, however, does not hold the all-time pole position record, despite being only one pole away. Won the World Championship seven times, twice with Benetton (1994-1995) and five times with Ferrari (2000-2004). Without a doubt the best driver in his era but has severely lacked competition, which drivers in the '80s and early '90s had to face all the time. Unfortunately Michael barely had time to show his skills in fighting amongst drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost but from what he demonstrated he could keep up and sometimes pass.
Michael Schumacher finishes second in the 2004 Belgian Grand Prix to clinch his seventh, and fifth consecutive, World Championship!
by Conquerer July 30, 2005
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A woman with a very large chin. Named after the F1 driver who sports this very masculine feature, this term isn't very sympathetic.

Serves especially well as a mock name in school.
Guy #1: So, is Michael Schumacher dating again?
Guy #2: I heard so. I don't know who would want her, but she's got her tank filled again.
by hoerner April 13, 2011
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Michael Schumacher, possibly the best driver of our time. He shattered almost all records in one of the fastest motorsport events on the planet, Formula1. Not to mention a great man with a great personality and sportsmanship.

2006, he retired, coming a second place in overall points which is outstanding, this man is simply a legened, in his final race in Formula1 ever he had a puncture which set him back well off 10th position, but worked his way back up to 4th!

This man is nothing less than the greatest driver in Formula1 and probably anything else, and Fernando Alonso will never be as good.
Michael Schumacher is a remarkable man and is a masterpiece when it comes to driving. Michael Schumacher will allways be the best and no fag like Alonso will beat his everlasting title.
by Legend1 October 24, 2006
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