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Totally legitimate medical disorder in which a person argues that nothing new will ever compete with an older version. Also known as Star Wars Syndrome.
Julio thinks that Revenge of the Sith doesn't come close to comparing to the original Star Wars movies. Julio has Michael Jordan Syndrome.
by Stephen Ochocinco December 10, 2013
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A condition caused when an athlete is made out to be a god by the public and press. The symptoms of MJS are the following behaviors;

A: An inflated ego that grows to the point of thinking that you are better than everyone else and forgetting when you had nothing to the point where you think that you shouldnt give tips to your limo drivers, taxi drivers, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, golf caddies, etc.

B: Putting your name on a crappy pair of shoes that cost 35 cents to make in a chinese slave labor factory and selling them for $200 a pair.

C: Modeling mens underpants knowing you are immune to the consequences of losing your macho reputation.

D: Growing a mustache that resembles the one Hitler had which is insulting to Holocaust victims because you know you can get away with it.

E: Cheating on your spouse and asking (former) friends like Nik Ritchie if you can sleep with their wives.

F: Thinking that you are above everyone else despite the fact that no matter how much fortune and fame you have, your selfish and egotistical actions only prove that you are worse than the people who you look down upon.
Tonio-"Michael Jordan Syndrome is spreading like a disease, all these famous people act a fool jefe."

Hector-"Athletes and Celebs shouldnt make no more than 50k per year homes".
by truthtellernumber1001 May 31, 2014
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