The Greatest player in NBA history. That will never change. The G.O.A.T. The greatest of all time. Who is the greatest player? Michael Jordan!!!!
Michael Jordan.
by Jordan Lover<3(: October 26, 2011
In todays NBA, you have superstars for every team that take all the shots. Ray Allen for Seattle, Kobe for LA, Pierce for Boston, Wade for Miami, ect. and Jordan made it that way. He turned a TEAM game into a battle of the superstars. No longer is it Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks it's Kobe Bryant versus Dirk Nowitzki. Jordan ruined the NBA. He created some sort of false "god-like" feeling with NBA players and it's ruing the NBA.

HE'S OVERATED and in no way shape or form the greatest ever.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the all-time leader in points, MVP Awards, second all-time leader in blocks, 3rd all-time leader in rebounds, 8th all-time leader in Field Goal %, and is tied with Michael Jordan for most championships won by an NBA player, why is he not the greatest basketball player of all tiem? Because everyone loves riding Jordan balls about everything. He was a great player, but the BEST EVER!? No way!
by Go Backz December 2, 2006
The act of nutting on your hand and then proceeding to slap the nut on your girls head and exclaiming “MICHAEL JORDAN!”
Dude last night I gave my girl the Michael Jordan
by SkiMaskTheNutGod July 9, 2018
Michael Jordan the most overrated player of all time. How can he be better than LeBron, if he is not better than kareem. How can he can be the GOAT if he isn't the best at anything?
GOAT Scorer:Kevin Durant
GOAT Shooter:Steph Curry
GOAT Passer:Magic Johnson
GOAT playmaker:LeBron James
GOAT defender:Bill Russell
GOAT Peak:LeBron
GOAT Longevity:LeBron
GOAT Playoff peformer:LeBron
Only Casual NBA fans would say Jordan is the GOAT because the famous old saying Jordan is 6-0 and LeBron is 4-6 in the finals. The only reason why MJ is 6-0 is because he versed NO COMPETITION! Not to mention he is 1-9 without Scottie Pippen. MJ retired in 93-95 because he was scared of hakeem! The best finals player Michael Jordan played against was Magic Johnson, and he had AIDS/HIV, the bulls put pippen on magic also so MJ had to do nothing on defense. From 96-98 MJ wasn't even a top 3 defender on his team! Pippen,Rodman and Ron Harper were all better defenders! His east competition wasn't even that good! The best he versed was a rookie shaq and reggie miller. The only two good teams he ever versed in the east was the celtics and the pistons. Larry Bird Swept him! LeBron haters love to say Curry is 3-1 against LeBron in the playoffs and then forget Isiaiah Thomas is 3-1 also against MJ in the playoffs. MJ fans also love to say that LeBron got saved by allen and kyrie and then forget that MJ got saved by Paxson and Kerr too! In conclusion, Michael Jordan is the most overrated player ever
Michael Jordan is 1-9 Without Scottie Pippen. LOL
by Ethans196 May 19, 2021
One who many see as the greatest but us actually nothing but an overrated ass bitch
People think I’m the greatest but I’m not so I’m a Michael Jordan
by Kingsuri April 7, 2018
An electrifying basketball superstar who transformed the pathetic Chicago Bulls into 6-time world champions. ESPN voted him the number one athlete of the century. Every game Jordan would do something spectacular and for 13 seasons he captivated crowds with gravity defying dunks, inspired defence, and dramatic game-winning shots. Every season Jordan improved his game and remained a step ahead of his many foes.
Dude, last night John Starks talked some smack and Michael Jordan lit him up for 55 points.
by Mack C January 15, 2007
the m'f'ing G.O.A.T.
1985 ROY.
1988 defensive player of the year.
3 time all-star mvp.
10 scoring titles.
6 finals mvp's in 6 championships.
1987, 1988: the dunks. champion.
by yawn February 6, 2004