One of the best centers in NBA history. Playing for the Boston Celtics, Russell helped mold them into basketball's greatest dynasty, winning 11 NBA championships (including 9 straight at one point). His battles with Wilt Chamberlain were legendary, and Russell's Celtics almost always came out on top. Russell is regarded as perhaps the greatest rebounder and defensive player in the history of basketball. After retiring as a player, he moved into coaching and also worked as a television commentator.
Wilt scored on many players -- and ladies -- during his prime, but Bill Russell was not among them. If only those 20,000 women could "front the post" like Russell did!
by Jamaal "Silk" Wilkes January 12, 2009
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(Bill Russell was a basketball hall of famer who won 11 world basiclaly he is a pimp and does what and who he wants) If any individual has earned 10+ world championships and is wearing atleast 10 of those rings at any time, all women who on a scale of 1-10 are rated a 10 within a 5 mile radius will be drawn by a magnetic force to that individuals genitalia and be attached at the mouth till that person removes a ring to make it less than 10
Ryder- wow i really need a blow job.

Greg- well just win 10 world championships.

Ryder- What good will that do me?

Greg- Well, by the law of Bill Russell if you were wearing your 10 championship rings you could get a blow job whenever you wanted.
by Greg Scott August 3, 2006
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