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Smart, funny, cute with a snap filt.

Not the one, two, three of four.

Don't take lightly to having her face played in.

Super loving but will lay hands if needed.

Overprotective of family and friends.

Type a nigga wanna marry.
You see Miceala? She a lit mami.
by LitMami July 16, 2017
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crazy yet honest with her friends. Tends to have her friends back, but has a very soft side and comes out and tells people what she has done wrong or how she is feeling. You wouldn't find her doing anything that involves the out doors, you could call her a prissy city girl. Whom one acts like she's better then everyone eles . Very secretive at times. Is a lover but always is getting putten down because she flirts way too much. Very skinny, not liked by most unless they been friends for a long time. Tends to shit talk behind peoples back but, feels bad after she been caught in the act of it. One who needs to be married to a rich man because she thinks money grows on trees. Also one whom put up with her cocky attitude and will treat her like a princess.
I have a best friend miceala that's always hear for me but tends to stab me in the back.
by Roo97 January 07, 2014
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