the best person in the whole world caring, loving and above all amazing if u don’t have a friend named mia ur missing out trust me get a mia in ur life
wow ur lucky to have a mia’
by kakakakkakaja796 March 29, 2020
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Mia is a really funny and kind specie.She is very attentive at times but only when others aren’t around.Mia does not have an ass of any sort,she tries to flex it on her spam account but she just ends I’d making a fool of herself tbh.Mia is the type of person who goes with the crowd,e.g if the rest of her friends have don’t want anything to do with you she won’t either.Memories with Mia are going to be unforgettable because she makes them unforgettable with her funny and kinda awkward sense of humour,her extremely dirty mind,her fake laugh and her personality in general.If you have a Mia in your life try your best to keep her for as long as you can because they’re one of the bestest ppl to come across.
Mia is such an emo
by sizzlemcfizzle February 17, 2019
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My pal lives with his uncle who is married - his vacation is spending a few weeks M.I.A.
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A kind, funny, outgoing person. She is one of your best friends! She is loyal and can be a little crazy sometimes. Most people like Mia unless they have hurt her in drastic measures. She is very smart about descisions and school.
Wow! Thats Mia just being the best
by Mizzbot April 12, 2019
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Mia needs a drastic change in circumstances now. She believes she is worthy of a beautiful life. Please bless Mia. In all ways. Materially spiritually emotionally.
Mia is ready. Uplift with her.
by Freeasabird January 05, 2020
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Mia is so nice! but can be a little shy around people she likes but she could talk to her friends for hours on end about lush bath bombs.
How many Bathbombs do think Mia has?

Probably has a whole lush in her bedroom.
by JJ.wts November 02, 2017
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A girl with an attitude, don’t mess with them even though they can be nice you don’t want to get in their bad side.
God she looks just like a mia
by Tasunini March 15, 2020
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