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Mi-17 HIP H

The Mi-8 HIP is a multipurpose helicopter that can be used as a troop carrier, cargo, or attack helicopter. The first Mi-8 flew in January of 1960. The Mi-8 HIP was made by Mil Moscow. The Mi-8 HIP comes in eight variations: HIP C the standard assault / carrier, HIP D the communications, HIP E the modified assault, HIP H (mi-17) the carrier, HIP J the jammer, HIP K the modified jammer, HIP G (Mi-9) the airborne command, and the Mi-14 the naval version. The Mi-17 HIP H is a transport helicopter. The HIP H is characterized by 5 main rotor-blades, a starboard triple-bladed tail rotor, twin turboshaft engines, and tricycle landing gears. The HIP H’s engines are special because one engine can die and the other will automatically increase output. At least 22 countries still fly the Mi-17 HIP H.

Type: transport helicopter
Arament: two 7.62mm machineguns, 12.7mm machinegun pod, twin 23mm gun pod, 250kg bombs, 500 kg bombs, AT-2C SWATTER
Payload: 4,000kg
Dimensions: length 25.4m; rotor diameter 21.3m
Sensors: none
Speed: 250km/h
Ceiling: 5700m
Range: (with aux fuel) 1065km
Vertical Climb: 9m/s
The Mi-17 flew in Vietnam.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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