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Used to describe the exposure one has had to Mexicans over any given period of time. Also used to describe one's experience, or Mexperience, with a typical Mexican, Mexicant, or the rare Mexido.

Levels of Mexposure are described by Low, Medium, and High. Rarely seen until more recently, levels of Mextra High, and Dangerously High have been reported by some in the field of Mexology as a result of extreme cases such as being a witness to Mexification, which was at a level of Mextra High. Other cases where patients' levels were at Dangerously High reportedly were the result of having been Mexijumped by Mexcrement.
Dude, I went to the WalMart in San Ysidro today to get some tires for my truck and the Mexposure I got was high enough that I don't need to see another Mexican for a decade!

Don't change that channel folks, becuase tonight at 11, we will be in the classroom at over two dozen grade schools, middle schools and high school to show you the Dangerously High levels of Mexposure your children are REALLY getting.
by CharlosDeltos November 16, 2011
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