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When one or more guys gives a girl a roofie. Takes all of her clothes off and drives her around town in the bed of a pickup. Then leave her at a Taco Bell.
I gave Miranda a Mexican Sleigh Ride then ordered a cheesy gordita crunch wrap supreme.
by Beloit810trip April 03, 2009
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When you are fucking a girl when she is lying on her back on top of something (table, bed, etc.)and you are either standing or on your knees, and right when you cum you grab her tits and pull her up as hard and as fast as you can like you are riding a sleigh as her face hits your chest, and then you pull out and cum the rest on her tits as it slides down her stomach like snow.
"Dude that mexican sleigh ride i had with your mom last night was great."

"Not cool dude."
by z1893 May 18, 2009
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When one parks a car in a bad area of town. Upon their return, the wheels have been removed and the car is sitting on the ground, or on bricks.
Sorry I'm late, I got a Mexican Sleighride, probably shouldn't have parked in that alley!
by keith manhattan September 26, 2012
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When one funnels Extra Hot Pace Picante Sauce into one's anal cavity prior to anal intercourse. Diced jalapeno and habanero peppers are also permissible.
Bill Clinton enjoyed giving Hilary a Mexican Sleighride!
by tweek` December 04, 2010
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A term used to describe a specific uncomfortable situation involving consumption of large quantities of Mexican Cuisine. After consuming lots of Mexican food (i.e. spicy bean Burritos) the subject proceeds to defecate themselves while riding a slip n’ slide. Can also be used to describe anal sex with a person who has diarrhea.
“I just ate a ton of Taco Bell let’s get the slip ‘n slide and go for a Mexican Sleighride!”

“Oh man look at the bathroom floor, it looks like someone went for a Mexican Sleighride in here!”

Bob: Hey Jim, smell my finger.
Jim: Nasty! It smells like asshole!
Bob: Yea, I just went for a Mexican Sleighride on Emily. She loaded up enchiladas and laxative!
by BlackboyT September 30, 2011
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