The underground police force of which the general public are unaware of, which prevents the regular police force from messing up too badly or beating up too many people. They also perform other necessary police actions to more or less prevent the Americas from blowing up under their own immense powers.
The Mexican Police Squad came by my house the other day and stopped the evil evolutionists from kidnapping my little boy for their evolutionary schemes. I feel so much safer with them around... in the underground.
by mexicanpolicesquad April 28, 2006
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police in Tijuana vistor's welcome squad ( U no city police)
Ask tijuana mexican for Mexican Police Squad, say mucho Tacate , ho ho ho es muy richie gringo, Pull up mexican shorts high steppen large si, si senior we find U Mexican Police Squad.

Sing " I'm in Tijuana jail who will go my bail "
by itichie_nocanpo July 3, 2006
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