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a sexual act in which you feed your partner mexican food and while in the act of making love, you squeeze their stomach, causing them to release a machine gun like spray of fecal matter.
I got so wasted last night that i tried convince my girlfriend to do a mexican machine gun
by Ausin Taneous July 17, 2011
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Throwing a hand full of rocks at someone because you can't afford a real gun.
Boy 1: Did you hear about Jimmy getting shot by a Mexican Machine Gun?

Boy 2: Oh Lord please don't tell me its true! Is he going to die??????? What hospital is he in?

Boy 1: Nah dude! He's fine. Only one small cut on his cheek, he's gonna be fine. Luckily they weren't closer. He's now found the Lord though, said it changed his view on life.
by Rooster Jake August 25, 2011
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