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describes a person who is caught somewhere between metrosexual and artsy-fartsy.

for our purposes here, a metrosexual is a heterosexual male who is stylish, fashionable, trendy, well-groomed, and cultured. to be metrosexual, you are not required to be involved in art beyond a general awareness which would allow you to converse semi-intelligently about art while you wait in line at starbucks. artsy-fartsy describes a person that is so into art that they are weird and almost nerdy and maybe vegan and probably wearing at least one very colorful article of clothing which they made themselves. they try too hard to be an artistic genius, which ends up making them extremely difficult to comprehend.

obviously, the metrofartsy person contains some, but not all, of the combined characteristics of the metrosexual and the artsy-fartsy. the metrofartsy person is usually confused about their own identity and "their place in this world". as a result, they can't decide which subculture they should try to fit in with, so they mix two of them together.
"Yesterday, Shawn and I were uptown, shopping for shoes, and all of a sudden he invited me to some poetry reading that he's doing in a bookstore by the beach."
"Yeah? Weird. He has been acting really metrofartsy lately.
by The Pep April 02, 2009
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