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A lesbian whose personal style leans both masculine and on-trend and who tends to invest heavily in wardrobe, hygiene, cosmetology, etc. Should be distinguished from "Tomboy" and "Soft Butch" as neither are perfectly interchangeable with Metrobutch; A Metrobutch may additionally identify with the aforementioned but the terms are not synonymous.
"Damn, Jax's brows are on FLEEK."
"Yeah, her Metrobutch game strong."
by Kali Yuga Swan Song February 05, 2018
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A girl who appears to be a butch lesbian at first glance, but is actually straight and prefers to rock a chic butch look.
(All girls)

Delaina: Anna is hot, I'd like to make her my girl and we could have a tuna party.
Steph: You cant. She's not gay, she's just metrobutch.
by M.F.H. June 02, 2010
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