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A heterosexual male who possess both metro sexual and gangster like qualities. A metro-thug will wear fitted jeans, a button up shirt or snug t-shirt, and a hoodie with a backwards fitted cap.
Antwann is a metro-thug because he gets his eye brows done perfectly while wearing baggy pants and a pair of Jordans.
by bestest January 08, 2007
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Any 2003 graduate of Ralston High School
I heard all those fools at Ralston are a bunch of metro thugz
by CaptainPIMP December 17, 2003
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A Metro sexual man who uses health and beauty products and drives a nice car while listening to Gangsta Rap from the 90's.
Those middle aged white guys look like Metro Thugs driving an Audi S-8 down North Scottsdale Blvd. with the windows down and bumping Easy-E "Boyz in the Hood."
by kwinnerman June 08, 2015
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