Despite the fact their sports uniforms closely resemble it, they are in fact not MuzzBuzz employees. Asking them for a toasted sandwich and a coffee during any sporting event will only earn you blatant looks of disapproval. Although, most students might as well be training to be MuzzBuzz employees because unless you’re getting the top grades, nobody really gives a damn about whether you’ll succeed. Their summer uniform isn’t any better, it causes the whole school to resemble a settlement of convicts. Which is quite fitting, it does feel like a jail when you come back after the Christmas holidays.
"Those students from Methodist ladies College look like escaped prison convicts, they really need to fix that uniform."
by MoreCoffee May 23, 2019
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Methodist ladies College is Perth’s most expensive private school although it should not be because if you are not smart they couldn’t give a shit about you it’s also very much like a cult with extremely bitchy girls that only care about there looks as soon as you walk in the school all you see is girls fake tanned. Most girls don’t Evan make it through a year before moving schools
by Random388 January 3, 2021
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