Methadrone is a research chemical that is still in testing. In the UK it is currently legal, being illegal in several european countries.

It is a fiendish drug, mostly used by the 'skins' generation of twattish UK youth.

It is taken by snorting, but can also be bombed which gives a lesser effect.
It has a distinctive chemical smell, and is one of he nastiest things so snort. it tastes, and smells like cat urine, giving it the nickname 'cat piss'
because of its legality it can be purchased online in the UK, and depending on how much you buy, prices can be as cheap as a tenner. People have started shotting it, and hiking the prices up to ridiculous sums.

Effects a similar to that of MDMA, although a shorter, less satisfactory high is usually experienced.

Ultimately, its nice, but if you take it, you're a fiend
John: Do you want a line of cat piss mate?

Jim: Nah mate, methadrone is for fiends.

.......Several hours later.........

John: Do you want a line of cat piss mate?

Jim: Bless, this place is dead, weve been standing on a street corner for ages trying to find a yard to go to or somthing to do. I love fridays....
by Zorbwyn October 17, 2009
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