A Meth Fairy is term used twords an attractive female that would never look the part of a drug addicte. This doesn't necessarily mean the person uses meth, its a an umbrella term for all forms of all drugs.
I may not look it, but I'm a meth fairy.

"Hey, slow down you're gonna get nic sick." Trust me, I can handle my shit. I'm a Meth Fairy.

Sarah! I didn't know you smoked! "Yah I'm a Meth Fairy."
by SandyMoon December 23, 2020
The meth fairy comes to meth addicts in need when they are in dire need. He/She comes in through the window of meth addicts and goes under their pillow or pile of rags. If the addict has left 50 cents under the pillow or pile of rags, the meth fairy then takes the 50 cents and places a small amount of meth for the addict to wake up to. If the addict sees the meth fairy, he can never tell anyone the fairy's true identity or the meth fairy will fucking shank him
The Meth Fairy WILL kill you
by gahhni noreah April 12, 2009