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A city that is about 15 miles east of Phoenix. It's population is over 430,000 people making it the 3rd largest city in Arizona, and 38th largest city in America. It was founded as a Mormon colony in the 1870's, and since then even though the Mormon percentage of the population has decreased, they still rule the city. In the 1920's the Mormons built a temple in downtown. Now about 1/4 of Mesa is ghetto. About 1/5 of the people in Mesa are Mormons. Mesa is home to two high schools that hate each other's guts: Westwood, and Mountain View. Mesa is a city that seems like it NEVER ENDS! Its boundaries extend well into the deadly deserts of Arizona even though the city borders other suburbs at almost every side; the city just hasnt built in these desert areas. Yes while only 1/5 of Mesa is Mormon, they still run the entire city. Their little temple will still probably be around even if the permit for it doesnt exist or it expires BECAUSE MORMONS RUN THE ENTIRE CITY!!! In West Mesa you find one of two parts of Mesa's ghetto. But West Mesa is more ghetto than South Mesa. There are other small ghetto neighborhoods around Mesa, but the center of Mesa's ghetto is in the southwestern part of Downtown. Much of Mesa is in the Arizona Legislative District 18. Yes Mesa does have a bunch of check cash places. Yes there are PLENTY of convenience shops like Circle K around Mesa. Mesa is like the ultimate Suburbia that people think of in this modern world.
UD requires an example about Mesa Arizona so I guess this will be the example.


Person 3: "OK LETS GO!!!"

Person 2: "I wanna go too! D:
by LOLTurtles November 13, 2011
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