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In his high school year book, the schools most popular couple show a picture of him & his beard.
Victoria, told him her "secret".
He doesn't know whats so special about "girls gone wild" Girls always act that way around him.
He gave Lance Armstrong one of my testicles. He grew it back.
He can whistle in 5 different languages ... including sign language.
He once threw a rock into the ocean, till this day, its still skipping.
Often, the sun watches him rise in the morning.
Even Non-Automatic Doors slide open at his approach.
Viagra is made from his DNA.
His tears can cure cancer ... too bad he has never cried.
His tears can cure cancer ... too bad he has never cried.
If you have $5 and he has 5$, he has more money than you.
He knows, who let the dogs out.
In grade school his teachers raised their hands to ask him questions.
Went bowling last night and got a perfect score. He bowls overhand.
If he were 5 minutes late, he’d still be on time.
He tells his milk when to expire.
"Did Merxci Sign that!!??"
"Yes, It's the only art i need on my walls."
by Don't need one. December 18, 2011
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