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Noun:1. An alocholic drink consisting of 80% Popov vodka and 20% monster energy drink(for coloration), often accompanied by excessive ice and best consumed in a blender. Generally served in 16oz.-64oz. containers.

Side effects include-being a cheeseburger face, making lude comments to women, yelling things, fighting, peeing in trashcans, sitting in bushes, getting vandalized with permanent markers, passing out at phillies games, starting fights with security guards at phillies games, breaking expensive(acura) windshields,throwing bottles at cars, riding bikes down hallways, homosexual behavior, yelling at police officers, making linebacker stances at oncoming traffic, throwing patio furnature off porches, and dancing to bear force one.

2. Being a general asshole

3. Being the godfather
"Hey John, make me a merryman...not too much monster this time!"

"Hey cheeseburger face, get John a merryman before he starts another fight!"

Damon consumed too many merrymans on friday night. He woke up the next morning in Sobhans bed with seminal fluid on his eyelids and lips.
by akmoney October 01, 2007
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