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An arabic female name , Merna usually is a brunette with large brown glittery eyes , she is always shy not so sociable but she's the most loyal friend anyone could have. She treats he friends right and equally. She's so considerate that she puts others feelings above her own. When a Merna loves , she loves with all her heart even if she's not loved back she might still hooked for that person for years. She is irresistible , fashionable and all guys would die for a respectful woman like her.
by M.Emily7 April 23, 2013
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Merna is beautiful,confident,and a very well spoken female. She is freaky on the low and a baddie she’s always looking her best and she’s incredibly smart. She’s considered mean to others and petty but when you get to know a merna she is a ball of energy she’s really goofy and never stops laughing. Merna is also very much independent so when she actually finds love it lasts a long time. Note to self DO NOT TRY A MERNA!!!
Person 1: did you see the new girl?
Person 2: no I didn’t. Why?
Person 1: her name is merna!
Person 2: omg we have our hands full!!
by Babymama July 22, 2019
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The most beautiful women in the world. She is very cute and loves fashion, going out and dancing. She is also irrisistable.
Did you see that girl? She's a Merna!
by anonymous uknown November 05, 2010
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Merna is a sweet girl! She cares about everyone. She will not let you down even in the toughest moments!! If your her boyfriend then your lucky to have her, same with her friends. keep her she will not let you go! she sits by god like a angle! so dont get mad at her because she did nothing!!!
rorey: see that sexy and nice girl over there!Who is she???

james: she is merna, the coolest girl in the world!!
by god-bless101 November 23, 2019
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pretty girl with dirty blonde hair clear blue eyes and makes everyone smile! if your friends with merna your so lucky she is the best friend you can ever have.Plus treat her kindly because she never has done nothing wrong.
james:who is that pretty nice girl over there?

kate:I think she is merna
by god-bless101 November 22, 2019
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A drama queen and thinks she's all that. Never let her near your boyfriend because she will try to steal him from you. She may be pretty with all that makeup on but she's not worth your time. If you ever meet a Merna she may seem nice but once you get to know her you will soon realize that she's an evil witch. Merna's usually wear too much makeup and have more than one boyfriend at a time. If you're a guy and you like a Merna, stop. She's only going to break your heart.
Guy 1: "Who's that girl?"
Girl !: "Oh that's Merna, I used to be friends with her but then she turned on me and now she thinks she's all that."
Guy 1: "I guess I should stay away from her then."
Girl 1: "Good idea."
by Allyson Ann January 04, 2013
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