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REEALLY tall and skkiiiiiny as a freaking twig when she turns she disappears! She is also very smaaart that its kind of annoying still she is also very humble about these qualities no matter how much we tell her she's also freaking looadded with cash coming out of her buttt but she is terribly unngrateefull Merelyn is reaally wierd when she wants to be especially when she's boreed...she is eloquent and pretty....even though she is very modest....but mean to her best friends. and nice to other people
Boy: hey whose that girl she is like so freaking skinny
Girl: oo thats merelyn she's freaking rich
Boy: dang she's got the looks and money
Girl: wow she just fell on her face!! that's classic merelyn
Boy: eew no more looks
by cocopuff34 April 11, 2011
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