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A young (child) "furry," (An anthropomorphic animal persona) that is obsessed with Tamagotchis, Inuyasha, and other such things, to a point of rabid insanity. She is known to trace some of her art, attack people who have an opinion that is different from her own, and for creating general drama on the internet. She has had her accounts on multiple websites and Instant messengers hacked a great deal of times, due to her sheer asshattery and her harassment of other users. It is not known whether or not she "foams at the mouth," "will kill you," or even "has Inuyasha as her boyfriend," but we can ascertain from her actions that she is rather immature. She is so notorious for her attacks on innocent people that she has become a target by said people's allies on multiple websites. (An example could be the page created on her in Encyclopedia Dramatica) She has a wide variety of nicknames that have been given to her, the most common being "meowbitch," which is both an insult and a pun on her normal username. (Bitch meaning both a female dog, and the derogatory term)

Her name has also become an insult used by a certain people, namely ones connected to her harassment, on Youtube.
"Meowbark was on Youtube again, spamming that guy's channel."
"Yes. Again. Another one of her new accounts. Bet you five bucks that she gets spammed with hatemail in five seconds and then closes the account in another five."


"Man, you're being a total Meowbark. Get your sorry ass back over here and stop bawwing.."
by Gamecraze April 23, 2009
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