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Treatment required when one's head is so full of appropriate expletive deleted like negative attitudes, superstition, hatred, intolerance, urban legends, vaguely reasoned or unsubstantiatable opinions, neuroses, paranoias, addictions, etc., that normal functioning in society is impossible. Only a thorough clean out can help the situation.
1. Lindsay Lohan was SOO TOGETHER back in the days of 'Parent Trap' and 'Freaky Friday.' Now, she's in need of a series of firehose mental enemas--how'd somebody so rich, talented, and gorgeous get so effed up in the first place?

2. A: I don't want to talk to that guy because he is so caught up in his own self-importance and petty problems. Conversation with him is always a negative, self-absorbed monolog by the Drama King.
B: Yea, he needs a mental enema before he can be a good friend to anyone.
by Biker_DonHo January 23, 2011
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