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When you're playing a video game and the matchmaking puts the absolute worst shitheads on your team, you have been Menked. Named after celebrity Dr. Joshua Menke, the Lead Engagement Designer for Halo 5 and all the terrible matches he's caused after implementing TrueSkill2.0. Excuses he'll use to justify the matchmaking: "Even though their rank is plat and they played like a silver, their mmr is actually onyx," "The population of that playlist was too low, so the mm expanded the parameters and just happened to put everyone bad on your team" and "It's working as intended"
Gamer1: I was doing great! Dropping a 30 bomb! But I got Menked!!!! Each teammate went neg 15! Can you believe it?

Gamer2: Yeah dude, I was getting Menked all last night. Makes me hate Halo these days...
by Rufio-oOo July 26, 2018
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