Someone who creates a variety of hilarious memes and has a collection of memes ranging from common to rare
Look at all those memes she has! She is clearly a Meme Queen!
by DefineMoi June 20, 2015
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Someone who sends or creates the best memes. Typically female. Usually someone awesome, like an Annie. Meme queen is a step higher than Mister Meme
Got into a meme conversation with Annie; she is a Meme Queen--she sends the best memes.
by BoomIWin September 14, 2017
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(n): someone who only posts memes rather than using their own words to express their disgust for society as being "brainwashed followers",. (syn. inarticulate, hypocrite, butt-of-jokes).
He only posts other people's memes and quotes, yet thinks society is a bunch of "mindless sheep". That Meme Queen is such an inarticulate hypocrite.
by Larevo June 13, 2014
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A female that likes memes and likes to hang with guys
by yoboipablo December 2, 2017
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Someone who sends memes in the group chat often annoying other members of the group chat. A meme queen is a real catch, snatch em up guys
Sarah keeps the group chat lit! She's such a meme queen.
by Taylor psu May 20, 2016
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@sireena_aneeris is the meme queen y’all
meme queen here👌👌
by sireena_aneeris December 7, 2017
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