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Someone who creates a variety of hilarious memes and has a collection of memes ranging from common to rare
Look at all those memes she has! She is clearly a Meme Queen!
by DefineMoi June 28, 2015
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Someone who sends memes in the group chat often annoying other members of the group chat. A meme queen is a real catch, snatch em up guys
Sarah keeps the group chat lit! She's such a meme queen.
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by Taylor psu May 19, 2016
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Someone who sends or creates the best memes. Typically female. Usually someone awesome, like an Annie. Meme queen is a step higher than Mister Meme
Got into a meme conversation with Annie; she is a Meme Queen--she sends the best memes.
by BoomIWin September 14, 2017
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(n): someone who only posts memes rather than using their own words to express their disgust for society as being "brainwashed followers",. (syn. inarticulate, hypocrite, butt-of-jokes).
He only posts other people's memes and quotes, yet thinks society is a bunch of "mindless sheep". That Meme Queen is such an inarticulate hypocrite.
by Larevo June 12, 2014
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The monarch of all memes, dank, or not. The current meme queen's role is to command and advise all memes. All of her subjects, (memes.), are to abide with any law she may apply, and clarify with full verification that it is an official law, and that every meme must comply with her wishes.

Certain, "local queens" such as the Ugandan Tribe's queen, is also under this ruling. But she may also grant the permission to be exempt from any law of her choosing. The queen is also exempt from all laws, but if she wishes to be affected by certain rules, the wish will be permitted by the meme council. The meme queen has infinite power over all of her subjects, therefore, removing the act of revolutions against the current queen. Though, the queen can also be dethroned by future competitors for the crown. But both must show their meme-ness, and overall dankness. If one is able to out meme the other, she will be crowned as the new meme queen, though, if the previous meme queen were to win, it will still be the same.
"Hillary Clinton for meme queen 2018!"
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by Sake Of Mentality May 28, 2018
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