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Melvic is an incredible person. He is funny, attractive, and caring. Melvic is the definition of the "perfect guy" women seek.

Melvic is a very athletic human being. He focuses in sports such as basketball and volleyball. He is an up-and-coming basketball superstar.

Fun Fact: Melvic has a very fast metabolism.
Nikki made a mistake of not going out with Melvic.

After playing basketball, Melvic can eat three bowls of pho nonstop.

Melvic is destined to be in the NBA.
by Teehee!Lucky! April 25, 2013
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Can be annoying in many ways, but he is a sweet gentleman inside. He can be competitive but is always there to listen to you. Once he has his eyes on you, he's not letting down. By competitive, I mean he has to win or he won't back down as he is a stubborn guy.

Always bragging about his favorite brand and won't listen to ya till you slap him. He has a silly personality as well as a great sense of humor, he would do anything to make his special someone smile.

He's rich but he's weak physically, but he has enough to take a sick leave at work. He can never leave a perfectly normal conversation without adding his odd dirty thoughts. Never shuts up when watching a movie or playing games.

Food is too good, Melvic loves to eat rice and meat, but no vegetables. He needs to get vegetables and drink milk to be healthy and tall, lol.
Melvic says he has to lose his belly, but he eats too much.
by Brownnoodles December 30, 2017
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