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Often nicknamed Meinie (pronounced My-knee)
Thinks that he is very musically talented. Has excess amounts of body hair, especially on the legs. Fond of John Mayer. Wishes he was John Mayer, or at least played the guitar like him. Wishes he could date John Mayer. Likely to have a girlfriend with an Irish name. Likely to live in a place that starts with G or M. Has trouble hearing and remembering basic things, but knows the answers to the most random questions you can think of.

girl: omgg. your guitar playing is soo ah-mazzing. i'm in love with you forever.
Meindert: yes, it is. and of course you are. I'm Meinie.

girl: this one time i was camping and i wa-
Meindert: do you know the first thing said on the radio? I do.
girl: ehh, no.. as i was saying i was doi-
Meindert: It was Mary had a little lamb. hah. i win.
by TheBlondeGirllfriend April 13, 2009
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