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One of the most popular file sharing websites - until it got taken down by the FBI on the charges of "Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering", "Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement", "Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering" and "Criminal Copyright Infringement".
1: Hey! Download my Minecraft texture pack on Megaupload!
2: I can't! I just get an FBI warning!
by BBgamerUK February 03, 2012
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A file hosting site which is very similar to rapidshare but in my opinion, is right now a lot better than it. You don't have to jerk off for 15 minutes to download your second part of the 1kb file you're trying to download and it's a lot faster than rapidshit.
Rapidshare can go suck my dick. MEGAUPLOAD ALL THE WAY.
by pewpewlaserpewpewpew May 30, 2009
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MegaUpload is annoying flash site that offers 1 click hosting.

It is usually compared to RapidShare but it fails.
Random: I will upload the porn to megaupload.
Me: Use rapidshare bitch.
Random: lolz.
by xPsycho January 20, 2008
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Verb: To place a copywrited file on a legal file transfer service with the intent to distribute.
"I'm using Dropbox to megaupload some music files to myself at work."
by klutchell January 20, 2012
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