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The Legend of Megan Sparks' Ass if a highly controversial, possibly mythical, story about the most amazing ass in human history. Scientists still are not sure if an Ass like this could possibly exist.

The story goes that this Ass is just the right size; not small, but not too large. Each cheek is a perfectly shaped half-moon that hangs off her hips. Also, it is rumored that it feels like a temper-pedic matress.

It is also rumored that if you stare at this ass for more than five seconds, you'll go blind. It's just that mejestic.

Megan can be found in clubs around the world. If you ever see her, make sure to 'accidentally' squeeze her butt (Caution: doing this may become addictive, like crack. It's possible you may never be happy again until you feel her butt one more time).
That's crazy, that girl's ass is some amazing, does she have Megass?
by goober mcfaden October 14, 2006
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