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Megalepsy often occurs when an adult male is subject to an image of Megan Fox and is then so sexually aroused he cannot control his actions.

The primary cause is an image of Megan Fox found in a newspaper or magazine. The Megaleptic will isolate the image and proceed to dry hump it until he gets satisfied. Once the act has been appropriated to this image, other sufferers will not touch, grind or dirty talk the image as it is the territory of another Megaleptic. Megaleptics seldom indulge in group dry-humping.

Other symptoms include slipping into a coma after momentarily gazing at Megan Fox and unstoppable bouts of drooling, screaming, whooping and hollering.

The longest recorded Megaleptic coma currently stands at three days 16 hours.
"George has got his Megalepsy on with my newspaper, go grab the sport section quickly."

"He was in a coma at the cinema for 2 days, what a Megaleptic!"
by lindsaylohanslostbrother July 06, 2009
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