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1.) One who has mastered over 1 million forms of dance

2.) An extordinary dancer. One capable of dancing in a manner superior to all others

3.) The most commanding dancer on the floor. Larger than life presence. Taking up ever bit of floor space available.

4.) A person 100% consumed with their dancing, as if the world around does not exist while dancing.
a. I know a gal who has been dancing since childhood and is for sure a Megadancer.
b. Only a Megadancer knows how to do the Pachanga!
c. Dance lessons from Megadancers cost bank!

a. Damn that hottie on the floor is a Megadancer.
b. That Megadancer is dancing like I have never seen before

a. Yo man, watch out for that Megadancer tearin up the floor
b. I could not hang with that Megadancin hottie on the floor
c. That Megadancin bitch shoved me off the dance floor.

4.) That lady dancing is in a trance or something. She seems connected, and one with her movement. Must be a Megadancer.
by Dirty Southerner February 21, 2009
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