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Sperm that is the size of a large rat. During ejaculation the mans penis will explode and the sperm will pop out the wound like an alien. a man with mega sperm doesnt even need to have sex to get a girl pregnant, when a man with mega sperm ejaculates every woman in a 5 mile radius becomes pregnant. mostly occurs in areas like Liverpool or East London, hence the large amount of chavvetes with kids.
Charnice: omg, you know like, my boyfriend got me pregnant.
Chantelle: omg, really? he got me pregnant too
Charnice: thats cause he has Mega Sperm, innit?
Chantelle: Yeah, like brap. lets go get a KFC and live of the council benifits cause we got an infinite amount of children.
by hahalolhahalolcat May 30, 2009
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