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A Canadian deathtrap your children would be engulfed in if they ever decide to switch the channel to Teletoon one dreadful night. The fear will encircle their once-innocent eyes as they see diapers skyrocket to the moon in almost every scene. Your child is witnessing subliminal child abuse only the government knows about. This is why Mega Babies' surroundings are almost very top secret-like. Because it secretly is secret. Never let your children or grandparents watch this. They are too stupid and weak to witness babies on steriods throwing shit in each other's faces. The hidden message is that the people running Area 51 are trying to hypnotise your very souls to bring you to your knees and surrender your very blood, so you can sacrifice lives in order to bring big bucks to all Big Brothers. It's a trap, I fucking tell you!
Mega Babies was an awesome show when I was growing up. Look at me today because of it!
by hyposane December 06, 2010
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