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Referring to internet search: News stories or search results, that have been suppressed or have been "meek-ed" down, by the big Tech and Corporate players online. News stories that are pushed-down to beyond the first couple of result pages on a Search engine, due to filter-bubbles of the corporate search engines. Regional raw news is often meekd since it does not get priority over the Sponsored paid-for content and Ads.
"This news story was meekd down by the corporates!" ... or...

"The sponsored stories and Ads have meekd all the raw regional stories!" .... or...

"The MSM has meekd our story!"
by samnile March 02, 2019
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1. Roasted to the point where it causes utter emotional outburst or Twitter fingers.
2.To be utterly dissed and owned like the little bitch you are.
If you continue talking that shit you gonna get meek'd
by Little Dillion September 09, 2016
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