The medulla oblongata is the lower portion of the brainstem. It deals with autonomic functions, such as breathing and blood pressure. The cardiac center is the part of the medulla oblongata responsible for controlling the heart rate.
by Javlin March 12, 2009
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someone who use medulla oblongata to carry out daily activity other than internal body system
e.g. talking, texting
A: it's hard to talk to someone who's a medulla oblongata main
medulla oblongata main: HUH WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU MOT-
by gooselover1234 May 21, 2022
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A person, who's brain creates insulin to filter out the influx of mass amounts of useless information. Or, to throw away useless information, now null and void.
Medulla Pancreas that order, the Commander in Chief wants to go for balloons & ice cream after the merry-go-round.
by Battle Royal w/ Cheese September 17, 2003
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