To find the median, you gotta find the middle in a sorted list of numbers
"Our median law school numbers aren't a cut-off. Stop asking, dammit"
by TheClef September 10, 2020
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me·di·an - re·ward
ˈmēdēən - rəˈwôrd
1. A reward obtained at the midpoint of an assignment or a particularly unpleasant task. This reward (which generally consists of something sweet) serves the following significant purposes:

a) retrospective: providing the individual with a feeling of satisfaction for the percentage of assignment completed and

b) providing the individual with extra motivation to complete the remaining portion of the assignment
I need a median reward or I'll never finish this essay 😭
by mwar123 April 3, 2017
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The act of a vehicle uncontrollably maneuvering into a median, often associated with slick road conditions.
Driver: I'm sure this speed is safe.
Passenger: Uh, why are turning sideways?
Driver: Hope you don't mind, I'm just going to practice my median surfing.
by Integer February 10, 2010
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Used to describe an offspring who inherited from their parents a perfectly balanced phenotypic feature in a certain domain.
Wow, He sure is a genetic median! His father has blonde hair, his mother has red and their child has orange hair!
by myore willhavitte June 5, 2019
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Deborah Meaden from dragons den always gets offended when somone shows there idea and it is not very good. so if somone got angry at you or annoyed or offended you would say stop going 'Deborah Median' at me.
Andrew stop going so Deborah Median at me
by Emma Zelwigger August 1, 2011
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A little known trick which solves every single geometry problem in existence. It is used through drawing the isogonal conjugate of a median in a triangle after observing a median, and usually allows the use of Desargues' involution theorem to instantly finish the problem.
"How do you solve this problem?"
"See median, draw symmedian"
by xor2004 July 15, 2023
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A long snow pile that forms in the middle of a wide town road after it's plowed. The snow pile is often not traversable without the most hickest of pickup trucks, so it essentially functions as if a median was installed on the road.
I was goin out fer a rip on the old snow cat when I got to main street and saw the plows came through already and formed that Minnesota Median that always shows up around there.

That's when I decided to take my snow cat and jump the Minnesota Median and oh you betcha that was the best thing I've done on rip in a while.
by OlGrandpaGallager October 16, 2021
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