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Also Known As; Meat Wad, Meat Wad Da Eat Gawd, Jin Sing Tee, Doug Heffernan, Dal., Daluris, Dalurism, Mister McFeely

A long time member of Hip Hop forums, such as Lyrickings, Underground Mic, Emcee Invasion, MicForums, HipHopEmcees, Rhyme2Reason, and many others, this proponent of hiphop forums has been creeping around the net since approximately 2001. His name, Luis, a latino native of Arizona, has been Super mod, Mod of poetry areas, Admin of his own sites, and a loyal regular member among the likes of 40oz, and Ock, noted admins of many such sites. His historic humor, awkward statements, and gentle social nature, has made him supremely popular among many of those he has met throughout the years, such as one of his long time friends, PopcornPimpz. With satiric wit, huge heart and open ears, Meaty will forever be remembered as the BEST forum member, none the like anyone has ever seen.
yo, did you see what Meaty Pablo ™ said in that thread about monkeys?..
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