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Meatment actually has nothing to do with any coital process or sexual organs; it actually has to do with meat!

Meatment: (MEET-mehnt) Improper noun.

1. To take someone out to a restaurant and treated to a nice meat dinner. This restaurant is usually located in the trendy district of any metropolitan area.

Not to be confused with MeetMint, a common after coffee mint which was branded with two M's. Seen as an affront to the M&M brand of chocolate confectionery, the startup company MeetMints was quickly dissolved after three years of public inquiry and legal probing.

Traced back to the words meat and treatment, (both the non-urban definitions). Indeed, Meatment is not the combination of meat and treatment, though a combination of that sort would be profound!
Dave: (Irritated) That lady over there does not look like she is having a good time with that square boyfriend she's with.

Alex: (Informing) She should get special meatment.

Dave: (Magnanimous) What on Earth am I hearing! Alex, you said you were in rehab for your abusive sexual tendencies.

Alex: (Reassuring) No, a meatment is where you are treated to a nice meat dinner at a quaint restaurant near the trendy district somewhere downtown. Jazz is often played.

Dave: (Incredulous) She deserves meatment!
by DAN393 June 28, 2010
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