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The noxious fumes let from ones asshole after consuming excessive amounts of processed meat, such as pepperoni or beef jerky. Occasionally paired with meat sweats, meatfarts can peel the paint off a car door and have been known to render small children unconscious.
Johnny released a meatfart that triggering a catastrophic earthquake in Belize, which he blamed on his dog.
Don't be like Johnny
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by 🐺 August 26, 2017
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(n) a meatfart is the worst kind of fart, usually only released by dogs, cats, or other animals that generally only eat extremely processed meat. Meatfarts burn the nose, and the soul.
Aw hell no dog, meatfarts? That is the NASTIEST SHIT I EVER SMELT.
by slickware June 06, 2010
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